Choose a pairing below,

or feel free to make up your own.

To help clear your mind,

as you breathe,

please imagine the words provided with each breath.

For example slowly inhale, then slowly exhale.

Now slowly inhale and imagine peace, then as exhale imagine hope. Do as many or as little as you wish.


inhale love                      exhale peace


inhale peace                     exhale hope

inhale hope                   exhale intention

inhale intention           exhale authenticity

inhale authenticity      exhale compassion

inhale compassion          exhale kindness

inhale kindness               exhale gratitude


inhale gratitude          exhale perspective

inhale perspective          exhale reflection

inhale reflection           exhale inspiration

inhale inspiration            exhale creativity

inhale creativity                exhale insights

On a computer, or in desktop view, this page is "live", with rolling waves to provide a virtual meditative experience.
Please enjoy!

This concept was inspired during a meditation class by Caron Hunter.

Contact Caron here if interested in attending one of her workshops or to follow her on social media.

Breathe Insights