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Breathe Insights


The design of this ever evolving space intends to

explore and inspire creative insights.

Breathing Space

A simple breathing moment, designed to bring the outdoors in for virtual calm.

Creative Space

A sample of published works. Others available by request.


Nature's Breath, a poetry and photography chapbook is available in

multi-media formats today! Accompanying note cards are also available!

10% of all proceeds go to either World Wildlife Fund and/or The Nature Conservancy!

Thank you for visiting!

   ~ Sheri Lynn

      Author & Photographer

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Thank you.

**Activism ** 

Ms. Magazine

Published my poem " On My Back":

A Tribute to the 2021 Women's March

Please read it here and consider donating:


Let's connect!

Also, upcoming Events, bio, publications, awards and associations.

Breathe Insights
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