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Recently accepted into the Long Island Author's Group!

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Chicken Soup for the Soul: Listen to Your Dreams 

which will be including my story "Urgent Serenity"

Release date August 2020!

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Thank you to the following writer's organizations & publisher for support:

  • The Long Island Writers Guild (LIWG)

  • The Nassau County Poet Laureate Society (NCPLS)

  • The Performance Poets Association (PPA)

  • Poets in Nassau (PIN)

  • Long Island Literary Arts (LILA) 

  • Bard's

  • The Long Island Author's Group (LIAG)

Publisher Dream Believe Publish

Once an executive shaping technology product innovation with business story-telling insights, now poetry and prose award recipient Sheri Lynn focuses on creative insights expressed through stories, photography, prose and poems.

Sheri’s STEAM career led to this fortuitous writer’s adventure, proof each of us may transform!

Sheri published her first poetry and photography chapbook Nature’s Breath, accompanying postcards and website BreatheInsights.com in 2019.

Her works were published in LIWG’s magazine The Odyssey and Poetry anthologies (NCPLS #6, #7, PPA #23, Bard’s Rhyme & PUNishment 2019).

Sheri, recently accepted into the LIAG (Long Island Author’s Group), is grateful to LIWG, NCPLS, PPA, PIN, LILA, DBP, Bard’s, LIAG, family and friends for support, and encouragement.

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